CC-M3 Cutting Numerical Controller

    ★ Industrial ARM process chip

    ★ No. of Linkage Axis: 2-4 axis

    ★ Input/Output: 20*optoelectronic isolation input, 20*optoelectronic isolation output

    ★ AD/DA: 1*DA

    ★ Communication: 2*RS232, 1*USB

    ★ Store Space: 4G

    ★ Pulse Equivalence: gear numerator, denominator (1-65535)

    ★ Display: 10.4" color LCD

    ★ Dimension: 410*310*58mm

Product photos

CC-M3 Cutting Numerical Controller

CC-M3 CNC cutting controller is specially for medium and large plasma and flame cutting machines like gantry type.


★ Industrial ARM chip, low power consumption, low heat and steady hardware.

★ Preheat delay, pierce torch lift delay, pierce delay and other parameters can be adjusted.

★ Functions of kerf compensation, breaking point recover, selection of pierce point and so on are available.

★ Functions of cutting program pretreatment, gear adjustment, speed auto adjustment at the corner and so on are available.

★ Chinese and English.

★ There is figure list to array and use.

★ It's compatible with FastCAM and other nesting softwares.

You can choose any figure from the list and then array and create the program code.

You can rotate, scale, mirror and move the figure.

You can array the figure and create a new program.

You can align the plate and find the cutting start point.

The figure interface can greatly improve efficiency.

Remote Control: RFL1, RFS1

Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller: CC-Pa1, CC-Pb1, CC-Pb2

Torch Lifter: AHb-M1, AHb-L1