CC-X3 Cutting Numerical Controller

    CC-X3 plasma/flame cutting controller for big machines.

    Technical Parameters

    ★ Processor: industrial ARM chip

    ★ No. of Linkage Axis: 2-4 axes

    ★ Input/Output: 24 optoelectronic isolation input, 24 optoelectronic isolation output

    ★ AD/DA: 2 for each

    ★ Communication: RS232 X 2, RS485 X 1, USB X 1

    ★ PWM: 2

    ★ High-speed Count Input: 2, can connect encoder X 2

    ★ Pulse Equivalent: gear numerator and denominator (range: 1-65535)

    ★ Store Space: 4G and it supports USB

    ★ Programming: ISO-G code, graph library and manual programming

    ★ LCD: 10.4" true color

    ★ Dimension: 361*222*50mm

    ★ Working Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃

    ★ Store Temperature: -40℃ ~ 60℃

CC-X3 Cutting Numerical Controller


★ Multi-torch control, delicate panel, complete control ports, can connect various expansion controllers.

★ Lastest industrial embedded core, faster calculation speed, rapidly deal with various tasks, advanced arc interpolation and lift speed calculation.

★ Easy control, multi-function knob, can accurately adjust speed.

★ Support various compound cutting, plasma, flame, laser, line-draw, drill, can steadly work in the electromagnetism environment.

Product photos

Remote Control: RFL1, RFS1

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