CC-Z3 Cutting Numerical Controller
CC-Z3 Cutting Numerical Controller

    CC-Z3 CC-Z3 flame/plasma cutting controller for medium and bigger machines.

    Technical Parameters

    ★ No. of Linkage Axis: 2-6 axes

    ★ Highest Speed: 36m/min

    ★ Control Presion: 0.001mm

    ★ AD/DA: 2 for each, 10 digits 0-10V (0-5V is compatible)

    ★ I/O Control: input32, output24

    ★ Store Space: 4G and it supports USB

    ★ Programming: ISO-G code, graph library and manual programming

    ★ LCD: 15" true color

    ★ Dimension: 390*418*64mm

    ★ Working Temperature: 0℃ ~ 55℃

    ★ Store Temperature: -40℃ ~ 60℃

CC-Z3 Cutting Numerical Controller


★ 15" LCD, plasma and flame cutting, simple display.

★ Stronger industrial embedded core, the process speed is four times as fast as CC-G3, advanced arc interploation and lift speed. calculation.

★ Simpler control: multi-function knob, shortcut keys, 4-torch control key and so on.

★ Support various compound cutting, plasma, flame, laser, line-draw, drill, can steadly work in the electromagnetism environment.


Remote Control: RFL1, RFS1

Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller: AHa-S1

Torch Lifter: AHb-S1

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