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Post sales technical support engineer

Job location: Beijing City, the number of recruitment: 2 recruitment period: 2015-02-17

Requirements: responsible, initiative and responsibility, dedication. Strong sense of responsibility, initiative, hardworking, with good moral quality; good team spirit, the work must have a strong sense of responsibility; dedication, integrity, strong sense of responsibility, has a certain occupation moral. Education: junior college or above working experience: 1 years and above: no limit

warehouse Peihuo (Beijing city Shijingshan high tech Park)

work location: Beijing job nature: full time job recruitment: 1

working experience: 1-3 years minimum in China


1. technical secondary school or above, electronic, mechanical and electrical integration and other related professional.

2. familiar with electronic components, components library work experience is preferred.

3. work seriously and responsible, organized.

4. if the conditions are excellent, education can be appropriately relaxed.